February 26, 2008

Grafik Magazine and Design Week Research

Today started off pretty pointless as we still have a lot of work to do with our Adobe Flash Project. Yet by the end of it I thought I had gained a bit of knowledge at least. Today was about preparing for tomorrows In Design session. So we had to look into different magazine layouts and how they worked. I decided to go with Grafik Magazine and Design Week Magazine. I just really like how both companies have very unique styles yet both are really nice.

Royal British Legion Ad Campaign

We were asked to design a new ad compaign for the Royal British Legion with an up to date feel. I decided to base mine around the family and came up with this as the end result.
(May have to enlarge to read properly)

Paper Illustration

For this project we had to choose a photograph and re-create it using just paper and cutting materials. The left one had many layers to it so ended up becoming pretty 3-D ish. The right one took 2 minutes (intentional) and is of the outside of a Post Office.

A-Z Project

This is also a very late blog. We were asked to create an A-Z using a certain aspect of the world...the one on the left was created using the Top Gear Magazine and the one of the right was created using clothing.

Zaha Hadid

This is a very late blog as it was meant to be put up in October 2007, but I didn't have a blogspot then so here it is. Zaha Hadid is a notable British Iraqi deconstructivist architect with many different works all over the world. We visited London early in the academic year and attended the exhibitions at the Design Musuem; Zaha Hadid's work was part of it. I just really like how unique her designs are, nothing like I've ever seen before.

February 25, 2008

Abstract Illustrator Brushes

I'm not even going to say anything...it says it for itself.

City Life - Jamie Cullen

Whilst looking into these Illustrator designs, I remembered the work of artist Jamie Cullen (coincidence with the name). His work is just amazing as you can see.

Illustrator Clubbing Design

After finding the Clubbing image below, I wanted to look into them more often as I have never really known how they have been created. Here is another image that I like.

February 24, 2008

Liquid Night Club Image

I found this on the envelope of a invitation for a club in Jersey. I have always been a fan of this type of work so was very pleased when I came across this beauty. Its not essentially this photograph that I like, instead its the amazing patterns behind that I think makes the image what it is.

Flash Project so far.

We are currently nearly a month into the latest project, which is to design an animation in Adobe Flash that has to last over 30 seconds. I decided to base my around the idea of Travelling. Looking into the amount of passengers that travel each year out of the United Kingdom my aeroplane and the amount of passengers that travel on our Railway Network. By comparing these two, and the prices of course I will prove whether you get more for your money by train or plane travel. The majority of my research has been done and I have started my animation, managing to do 20 seconds of it so far (Posted later on).

Nerve Magazine - February

I never usually pick up a Nerve Magazine because they don't really interest me, yet this one did. I just love how it has been put together, from a standard photograph down at the beach to a work of art. The composition works nicely and the colours just finish it off.

60 Million Postcards Flyers

A couple of flyers I picked up whilst at Uni. Both flyers are for the bar 60 Million Postcards and both are really well designed. The first on the right uses the well known CMYK yet instead of creating a specified colour if sticks to its own, only creating new colours when there is an overlay. The second image I think is just really nice; simple yet effective. The use of 2 colours just works really well with the whole concept.