October 02, 2008


Hi to all of my one follower! Just to inform you that I have just created a new blog for this year. It goes under the URL of http://jamiecullenvizcom.blogspot.com/ Please refer to this for the future year. (p.s. If you could let others know as well that would be great!

April 14, 2008

This was another of my designs that I came up with for the project. I have produced a couple more yet thought this was the one to put up on blogger.
Text is 12pt Century Gothic with a Matt Dark Grey and Warm Yellow colour.

April 09, 2008

Typeradio.org Interview Two-Page Spread

This is the final design for my Typeradio project. The subjects that I was intrigued by from the interview were the fact that he has set up his own very successful business and the fact that he is an ideas designer rather than a corporate designer. I have included the parts of the interview that were relevant with two designs in the sketchbook which match the text.
Text is 9pt Century Gothic with a Matt Dark Grey colour.

April 08, 2008

Curriculum Vitae

For PPRD we had to include a CV. I didn't want to go with the ordinary boring CV so instead, I switched the usual colours of black writing and white background to black background and white writing. I added the yellow because it is known for being easier on the eye.

Vizcom Update

Unfortunately I could not get my animation up and running on this blog page. I don't know why but it just wont let me. Shame really.
Moving on...
This project is Typeradio. Typeradio.org is a web based radio station that presents interviews with designers working in the typographic industry. we were asked to choose one typographer from a list which we had to listen to and transcribe, and then re-present the interview in the form of a double page spread supported with illustration/photography or just type. The transcribed article should be between 500 and 750 words.

So far... I chose my designer; Vince Frost and have looked into his work and the way he "does things". I have looked into different types of layouts, grafik magazine, baseline, creative review; just to get a feel of what I was meant to be doing. Eventually, I ended up going with the spec of the grafik magazine, I found it just that little bit more accessible to every audience.
I have done research into grids and layouts and have so far managed to produce a few different pieces, the latest one being the one I'm best pleased with as shown below. (not finished yet)

March 05, 2008

Flash Animation update...

I have finally finished my flash animation!! it has taken me about 2 solid weeks work but the 80 seconds I think are worth it. I couldn't work out how to upload the stages of the animation so will just try and put up the final product...with a little help that it... but am glad it is over now, just the sketchbook to do.

PPRD update...

As part of the development of my PPRD (other than adding blogs to this page) I have been doing things towards my work placement. I have found a company back home in Jersey that I would like to do my placement with...they are called Lime: Green Creative Services Agency. They are based in Jersey, London and have contacts in Australia as well. I have finished my CV, Cover Letter and Portfolio in order to send them off later on in the week.

March 04, 2008

Personal Booklet - Quark Xpress

This is the first finished product I have since I started using Quark Xpress. We were asking to design a 6 page booklet with information about you and the courses you had completed. The top double page spread is about me and a bit about my schooling background. The second spread is about the work that I do, different techniques I use etc. The final spread is about where and who I get my inspiration off.

Dorset Cereals Advertisement

This is an advertisement for Dorset Cereals we had to create in a team. We were given clues that we had to figure out in order to get Dorset Cereals and from there we had to create an advert promoting some of its brands. They do a cereal for each season of the year; Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. So we took this into context and came up with this.

February 26, 2008

Grafik Magazine and Design Week Research

Today started off pretty pointless as we still have a lot of work to do with our Adobe Flash Project. Yet by the end of it I thought I had gained a bit of knowledge at least. Today was about preparing for tomorrows In Design session. So we had to look into different magazine layouts and how they worked. I decided to go with Grafik Magazine and Design Week Magazine. I just really like how both companies have very unique styles yet both are really nice.