March 05, 2008

Flash Animation update...

I have finally finished my flash animation!! it has taken me about 2 solid weeks work but the 80 seconds I think are worth it. I couldn't work out how to upload the stages of the animation so will just try and put up the final product...with a little help that it... but am glad it is over now, just the sketchbook to do.

PPRD update...

As part of the development of my PPRD (other than adding blogs to this page) I have been doing things towards my work placement. I have found a company back home in Jersey that I would like to do my placement with...they are called Lime: Green Creative Services Agency. They are based in Jersey, London and have contacts in Australia as well. I have finished my CV, Cover Letter and Portfolio in order to send them off later on in the week.

March 04, 2008

Personal Booklet - Quark Xpress

This is the first finished product I have since I started using Quark Xpress. We were asking to design a 6 page booklet with information about you and the courses you had completed. The top double page spread is about me and a bit about my schooling background. The second spread is about the work that I do, different techniques I use etc. The final spread is about where and who I get my inspiration off.

Dorset Cereals Advertisement

This is an advertisement for Dorset Cereals we had to create in a team. We were given clues that we had to figure out in order to get Dorset Cereals and from there we had to create an advert promoting some of its brands. They do a cereal for each season of the year; Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. So we took this into context and came up with this.