April 08, 2008

Vizcom Update

Unfortunately I could not get my animation up and running on this blog page. I don't know why but it just wont let me. Shame really.
Moving on...
This project is Typeradio. Typeradio.org is a web based radio station that presents interviews with designers working in the typographic industry. we were asked to choose one typographer from a list which we had to listen to and transcribe, and then re-present the interview in the form of a double page spread supported with illustration/photography or just type. The transcribed article should be between 500 and 750 words.

So far... I chose my designer; Vince Frost and have looked into his work and the way he "does things". I have looked into different types of layouts, grafik magazine, baseline, creative review; just to get a feel of what I was meant to be doing. Eventually, I ended up going with the spec of the grafik magazine, I found it just that little bit more accessible to every audience.
I have done research into grids and layouts and have so far managed to produce a few different pieces, the latest one being the one I'm best pleased with as shown below. (not finished yet)

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